How to Install Primavera P6 Trial version 20

Video Contents Index:
00:00 – 1- Introduction to Primavera P6 Installation
00:25 – 2-
01:02 – 3- Choose version to download
02:03 – 4 – Save the downloaded file
02:18 – 5 –Install the downloaded file
02:52 – 6 – Click P6 Professional Setup file
03:14 – 7 – P6 Professional Database configuration
04:20 – 8 – Run P6 for the first time
Hello everyone welcome to my channel scheduling advisor in this video we will talk about how to install a trial version of primavera p6 from oracle let us open the browser let us print will be forwarded to oracle software delivery cloud sign-in page

if you have an account click sign in and enter your credentials, if not click on create account then enter your information with all necessary fields then hit create account and it will take you back to sign in page to finish signing in, once you are done signing in you will be directed to oracle software delivery cloud page in the search box write p6 and hit search you will see different oracle software choose primavera p6 professional project management

you will get a list of available different versions of primavera p6 professional project management, version 20.12 is the latest

choose from the list the version you want to install, it will be added to cloud cart click view items then continue you will see the download queue then click continue it will take you to the license agreements page, which you should read and accept after that you can click continue

here click the download, you will have a dialog box click save file

once the download finished go to download manager click show all downloads and click the exe file to start primavera p6 installation

oracle will start to download files to your computer once finished downloading close the download dialog box

click on the file ends with 947 which is the biggest in size between compressed downloaded files, it will open p6 professional setup folder then click on it to find the p6 professional setup file, extract if necessary before clicking the p6 professional setup file, the setup process will start when asked make sure to check box run database configuration then click ok

in the database configuration dialog box choose from the driver type list the p6 pro standalone SQ Lite

then in the database alias field I like to add the version number to the database name to make it PMDP20.12 to distinguish the database name, click add new standalone database and connection now enter a new database password you can use admin then confirm the new password click next

here you can edit database location if you like, check load sample data box and click save once done you will have aliases saved successfully, now installation is finished and your database is set up and ready to run primavera p6 for the first time in the search box type p6 then click on P6 professional enter the password which we used admin

then click connect you will have this dialog box about the setup of the industry just click ok

go to admin click on admin preferences click on the industry we usually set it up to – engineering and construction- then close and you are done
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