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Start Project Planning

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When start planning for a new project on a high level we should do the following:

  1. Read the project charter, contracts, scheduling instructions, drawings, and all related documents thoroughly, to know
    1. Project objectives, scope, and responsibilities,
    2. Contractual start and finish dates, milestones in the project life cycle, and any time constraints,
    3. Define project’s stakeholders, make them a list with contact information,
  2. From these key elements, we should make sure that we cover the full scope of the project, and we have proper understanding of the project objectives, this will need proper communication with the stakeholders:
    1.  to make sure that we share with them the same vision for the intended outcome scope of the project,
    2. Make sure that we have enough resources to meet project dates and milestones, depending on our position and where we stand:
      1. If we are from owner side, we should have contractors or sub-contractors able to fulfill the commitment
      2. If we are on the contractor side, we should have the resources and capacity to execute the project and meet the time frame
  3. Make sure that we have in timely matter the following:
    1. A plan for necessary licenses fit with the project
    2. in the procurement:
      1. the supply of material or machines to install in the project can meet project’s milestones, especially with imported materials or machines which may have long lead times,
      2. the supply and availability of resources necessary to the project which can meet project objectives, and make sure that we can make in timely matter the necessary tenders, bids, contracts..
    3. the drawings are issued for construction, and already went through revisions process
  4. the cash flow and the fund promised for the project meet the intended time frame for the project.
  5. Make sure to cover weather impact on the project and any environmental impact.
  6. Have contingency plan to cover risk incidents and uncalculated events,

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